Friday, November 1, 2013


Since she didn't have enough going on this fall, Ashton decided to give Volleyball a try as well.  While calling this logistically complicated is an understatement, mom was really happy for her get a chance to play volleyball as I loved the sport when I was a teen.

 Watching elementary volleyball for the first time I had a few observations

1. The games are very short -- if you are 15 minutes late you are likely to have missed a good %age of the game.
 2. They smartly have a good amount of flexibility on where the girls can serve the ball.  This really impressed me as it gave the game less waiting and helped the girls build skills at the same time.
 3. It's super hard to get a decent photo with an iPhone.  Both because the light is bad and the zoom is really grainy.

Ashton loved the sport and was able to develop some good confidence and skills in the short season.  This was especially nice since she was one of the only fifth graders who had never played before. 

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