Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flower Power

Ashton participated in a poem reading at the local library. This was part of poetry month and all the elementry schools were participating, competing for one of two stuffed tigers that would be awarded to the school with the most participation.

To participate you had to submit a poem to the library. You optionally had a chance to read your poem at the final event at the end of the month. Judy and Ashton decided she should participate and mom was blown away by the result.

When we got to the library for the reading and she saw the room her first reaction was to say she didn't want to participate after all. We gave it a few minutes while other kids lined up and then she changed her mind and did an outstanding job (according to her totally unbiased mom).
While she was a little nervous she was clear and articulate in her delivery (a challenge for most of the kids) and she was very proud of herself as a result.
Flowers spread their pollen
To all the trees and plants
Making them all do the spring flower dance
although it gives you sneezes
and other symptoms too
it will never break flower power
because that's where natures true

To top it off her school won first prize on participation and as a result the lion is now part of the school library.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ashton turns 7

Once again we hit the Birthday event with a bang and multiple cakes. Of course the large cupcake from Judy was the favorite but the Hannah Montana cake wasn't too shabby either. Very sophisticated for a 7 year old.

There were also two parties. One at home where sisterly love was the theme (or possibly I just got a very cute photo shot before things went badly)
and a big kids party at the bowling ally where we organized a book exchange in lieu of gifts. That went pretty well all things considered, with only a few getting confused about the process (one of which was initially Ashton which was a bit of a close call).

In the end we had over 25 kids bowling with no injuries or catastrophes. I think that was a huge accomplishment. Sadly I didn't get very many good photos of the bowling itself but this photo of Jack was excellent.
Of course, she still got a lot of loot from family and you can see gifts were still quite popular. And now she is seven and there is no looking back.