Friday, September 15, 2006

Jacqueline's 1 year Report

Here is my one year report. Don’t have height and weight info yet as the dr. apt is next week. My guess is she is still under 20lbs. Yes this is blatant bragging but you didn’t expect otherwise did you?

Significant Accomplishments

Breaking news! Took first real steps just under the wire last night. So while she can take a few unassisted steps, and does so often, I don’t really call this “walking” as its pretty uncontrolled process with more confidence then ability (visualize a lurching drunk who is about to fall). I’m sure in days this will be walking in the pure sense of the word.
Words: Mamma, Dadda, Ash[ton], Dog, Up, Down, Hi (favorite), wow, ow (this she will say in unison with me while she pulls my hair).. a few more I’ve forgotten. She has said a lot of other words over time but these are the ones she will say on her own vs. repeating a sound pattern from us. She also said “gorgeous” once while brushing her hair but I haven’t gotten her to say it again.
Climbing – you name it, she will climb it with no concern to how she will get down or out (although she is getting a bit better at being able to climb down from/out of things)
Crawling (of course) – she is quiet and fast about it esp. if she realizes you are not watching her.
Teeth – she has tons. 12 are fully in including 4 of her molars– another 4 (or maybe 8 can’t see in the back too well anymore) are coming
Drooling – has been one of her best skills overall but doesn’t happen as much any more
Eats – everything (see teeth above) -- esp. likes stickers and paper products (books)
Waves, claps, blows kisses all on request
Brushes her own teeth (and strongly dislikes any help with that ;-)
Sings – this one is hardest to describe. She will join a tune and sort of mimiac the sounds – on key. Her latest one (and this she sings b/c she thinks its about her sister), “..ashes, ashes [we all fall down]”. She also does this with some of her “leap frog” toys that “sing” letters, colors, etc.

Cute things she does

talks on the phone – any phone – usually a play one. Likes to put it to her ear and say “hi” , “hi” , “hi” etc
wears a purse – likes to put purses over her shoulder (and take it off again)
mimic’s her sister – see photo of her at the computer. She looks for any moment when we are not watching to make a bee-line for the den to her sisters pbskids. She has also “tried” to put on panties, brush her hair, put on princess crowns, flush the toilet, etc. If Ashton does it, it must be cool.

General personality

Very sweet. She is a sweet girl who is very accommodating/easy going and overall low maintenance personality – that said she is not a low maintenance baby b/c she requires a lot of watching. She really has no fear (or sense) – esp. of falling. So while she will express significant frustration if she falls, she doesn’t seem to “get” that she has any accountability to keep herself from falling.

She is very motion oriented – always anxious to be on the move and as I mentioned with her “walking” she is very willing to try things out. So where Ashton was very cautious and wanting to only do things she is “the best” at, Jacqueline is more of a “try” person. She is willing to try until it works which is very interesting (and fun) to watch.

In summary we are very blessed with this girl thanks for letting me share.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

I'm a Ballerina

Or at least I look Fab-u-lous in my outfit! The big "prize" for being potty trained was the ballet class. Alas it was a long time coming (!) but we finally got there and the class was a big hit. Clearly the outfits were much more critical then the dancing. The funniest part of the whole event for me was watching all the little girls (age 3-5) trying to do what the teacher was telling them to do while keeping a constant view of themselves in the mirrors to see how great they looked. Yes, i am getting a glimpse of what the teen years will be like.

Ashton's girlfriend Madeline decided to pose for a photo with her as well.