Friday, April 29, 2011

Lion Dance

 The Lion dance is one of the big end of year events at Lincoln.  The kids practice their dances in PE and then show the parents their skills (which are very good actually)
 It's a big photo-op event but not a great event for actual dancing photos which typically come out bad due to the glare.
You should come watch them do it sometime.  But bring a jacket -- it always manages to be a bit too cold.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

 Easter 2011 was a fantastic holiday with me doing a terrible job of photos. 
 Joining us this holiday was Justine and her boyfriend Justin, the Curtis clan and Grandpa Bob.  Judy made a gorgeous Roast Beef that Justine ended up doing all the "day of" cooking for.
 The Bear girls and their cousins decided to do some photo shoots in the new courtyard.
 to include Rebel the dog.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bob and Ashton do a field trip to Stanford

 They went to the Geologic museum.  The day started with Ashton managing Bob's preparation process -- she packed them both lunches, brought him snacks and made a big fuss that he would be "late".
 Bob was driving a car of kids which was really fun for both Bob and Ashton.
Second grade field trips are still a bit crazy but Ashton impressed her dad by paying attention and answering the questions asked by the instructors.  It was a good time.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pink Peacemakers Softball 2011

 Ashton's first year of Softball. Her team was the Pink Peacemakers (she wasn't happy with the pink part)

 Neighbor Dan was nice enough to pitch in and help coach Ashton's team when he was in town.  The girls loved him!
 This was Ashton's first year at softball (which is a big deal in Burlingame).  She enjoyed the game and learned a lot of skills.  They played on a "turf" field that worked out great for very rainy season.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gumballs softball 2011

 Dad volunteered to work the snack shack -- Jacqueline tried to work out a deal for candy.
 Checking inventory.
 Jacqueline was an amazing infielder.  She was always managing to be where the ball was and occasionally knew where to throw it when she got it.

When she was not fielding she was often getting distracted and/or playing with her gum.
Her league had them trying to hit from a coaches pitch and if not a tee.  She had an excellent swing and someday we expect it to be near the ball.

All in all a great introduction to softball and team sports.  She was really happy to be playing.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bob and Ashton Ski day

The day was very snowy and Jacqueline and mom decided to skip skiing.  Bob and Ashton went out alone.

 Jacqueline made lunch while mom napped.  She called this "four juices and one perfect sandwich".
 Bob and Ashton enjoyed a powder ski day without anyone to slow them down.
 Other than the snow of course!
 A Perfect day..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cousins in Park City

Was so great to have the Bear brothers (tm) and two of the cousins join for ski week.  While in Chicago Melissa and Alex are the youngest, in Park City they were the oldest and so nice to our girls!

 Bill and Alex went for a matching look.
 Steve and Ashton were both comparing sunburns
 Group photo..!
 Alex, Jaq, Melissa and Ashton waiting for the bus.
 Getting ready to go down the Blaster adventure alley.  Thank goodness Uncle Bill went along as I was not at all going to put myself through that.  Ashton, has decided this is her favorite thing to do on the mountain.

Girl Ski Party

Spring Break 2011 was a Bear family ski party -- we went for a full week and met up with friends and family.

 One of the school friends had access to an uncle's gorgeous Deer Valley home (with a game room!).  We were sure to jump on that party spending a day with all the girls (and parents) skiing together.
 The week was a bit of a party with skiing.
 and playing
 and racing
 and watching movies
there was even a dance party with bed jumping.