Friday, May 27, 2011

Kindergarten field trip

 Bob also did a field trip with Jacqueline's class.
 The kindergarten class went to the aviation museum.
 Keeping the kids on task was a bit of a challenge at this age, at one point Bob had to suggest that the program "move along" a bit as the crowd was losing focus.
The kids really had a great time though.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Open House

 Open house is so fun as you not only get to see the work the kids have been doing, you also get to see how proud they are of all they have done.
 The big thing for Ashton this year was the village they built.  It had houses and businesses. 
 They had to purchase the materials and stay on budget -- I have no idea who came up with the plan but it was really impressive.
 Jacqueline had really made strides writing.  You can figure most of this out assuming you have a good 20 minutes to work on it ;-).
 She was happy to read me her stories she had written.
 but she was most happy to be able to see Ashton's work.
The big hit was the Flat Stanley project that Uncle Bill and Alex did for her -- they had taken Stanley all over Chicago and brought back photos, gifts and information of the entire city.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Walk a Thon 2011

 The biggest fund raiser of the year for Lincoln is the walk-a-thon.
 Getting ready.
 Jacqueline is happy that this year she is officially part of the event (and thus gets a Popsicle at the end that she remembers being denied last year).
 Ashton is a bit more relaxed about the event.
 But in the end Jacqueline's enthusiasm was just too contagious.