Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Holidays 2014

 From the ski slopes of Park City, Utah to the pool in Maui, Hawaii the Bears have a lot to be thankful for in 2014.  We continue to be blessed with health and joy (and a few challenges along the way to build up our grit and remind us to express more gratitude).

Again I find myself realizing I've blogged exactly nothing from my blitz last year at this time.  I plan to fix that before the year is out, so you might want to check back later to learn more of the ins and outs of our year.

Ashton is now in 6th grade enjoying the private middle school experience at Crystal Springs. 

Team sports are a big part of Ashton's world.  If there is a team playing she plans to be there.  Her primary sport is Softball (go #44) but she also plays soccer, basketball and volleyball.  She plays the flute and loves being as over scheduled as possible.  She has taken to the increased homework (understatement - there is a LOT of homework) with a fair amount of grace and assures us that she isn't only goofing off watching Youtube videos and texting her friends.

Jacqueline is pleased to be THE Bear at Lincoln school and is rocking the fourth grade experience in a big way.

Her primary "sport" is The Bay Area Educational Theater Company.  This year she was a bunny in Shrek the musical (Spring) and Cindy Lou Who in Seussical the musical (Fall).  She also played volleyball and is just now starting basketball. 

Bob is still volunteer and coach extraordinaire.  He has been softball coach, field trip chaperone, master set builder and much much more.  He also has recently recovered from an emergency appendectomy (just keeping it real).  He continues to look for any and all opportunities to hit the ski slopes and is thrilled to have his girls able to join him as expert skiers.

Meg has done a bit more travel this year for her job.  She got to join the NASDAQ closing ceremony this year as one of her work events and is frequently taking to the stage for her work.  For Meg bliss is anywhere she can find quiet, ideally with a book.  

As we click over the meter on another year, we want to thank all our friends for keeping in touch and being part of our lives.  We are most thankful for our friends and families and wish you all a blessed holiday season and a joyous new year.


Bob, Meg, Ashton (11) and Jacqueline (9) Bear.