Friday, April 30, 2010

Lion Dance

One of the fun events at Lincoln is the "Lion Dance". The Lion is a nod to the school mascot and a play on the concept of a line dance.
While not officially invited to join the dancing, Jacqueline decided that she should participate with the kindergarten class.
As can happen, this event was very windy and cold. While all the girls had coats we ended up freeing and there was a lot of time spent chasing hats!
So I'm including footage of the outfits at home where they were modeled before the event.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Junior Gym Performance

I got to attend a Junior Gym event for Jacqueline. This was the perfect fit for her fearlessness and her need for motion.

She even listened pretty well as well.
She was very happy to have me there and was all smiles the whole day.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Skiing 2010

Doesn't everyone go on a ski trip mid-move to a new house? Right, we didn't want to be abnormal or anything.

This spring-break ski trip was a total blast. Both girls were so enthusiastic to get on the slopes again, their dad was really proud. Traveling has gotten so much easier, we had two bags and they were not even full or anything.

I was especially happy that we finally got a good shot of Jaq on ski's since last time we forgot our camera.
You will notice Jaq got a new helmet (same as Ashton of course) which puts them as essentially identical. This year Ashton was thrilled we let her get poles and Jacqueline was understandably jealous. Ashton being the worlds best big sister let Jaq use them for our last runs of the day as a family.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Bikes

As a testimony to our optimism we got a new bike for Ashton. She had completely outgrown her other bike and it was no longer really helping the cause.

Of course, Jacqueline was not really enthusiastic to be getting an existing bike and managed to talk her parents into a princess balance bike (has no wheels) also.
Jacqueline is getting pointers from her sister.

Dad is showing Ashton key tips and trying to convince her to ride on the grass.

Both girls look ready to go. Hopefully soon they will actually be riding ;-).