Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jacqueline 5th Birthday

Jacqueline had a huge birthday celebration at Pump it Up. This group photo even missed one kid who accidentally got stuck in the maze.

The theme this year was Fairies and mom got both girls poodle skirts as well so Jacqueline was a Rock N Roll fairy.

Ashton was not entirely sure how she felt about the gift but she sure looked cute!

The rock climbing wall was a huge hit. Georgia was pretty far ahead but both girls were smiling when they came down.
We actually arrived early so girls were showing their sisterly love. Jacqueline was wearing her gorgeous birthday dress from Jani which got a lot of compliments.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday party at school

In the tradition of her mother Jacqueline celebrated her birthday over several days. Judy made her a fairy cake and took her and her sister to Build-a-Bear where Ashton recorded an "I love you Jacqueline" message in her bear.

Auntie Suzie came over and brought some presents and had a good night cuddle.
Jani took her to buy a new party dress and the cousins got her some Ugg boots -- of course, they go together for a cheer!
At her school her mom came to class and joined in a 'walk around the sun" clebration where the Jacqueline got to carry the earth (a stuffed ball) around the sun (a candle) with months listed in a circle once for each year of her life. As she walked around the sun the teacher told something about each year of her life.

It was very cute to see and also educational. There was singing and blowing out the sun candle at the end.
This picture was her walking back to her classroom after recess. She just looks so big!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to school night

This was our first back to school nights with two kids. I'm honestly not sure what parents of three kids do as we found two a challenge. I somehow thought we would have time for both -- so I started in Jacqueline's room and Bob started with Ashton's.
Then in a frantic dash at the end I ran to Ashton's room and checked out her work. She had been very specific that I was to look at her self portrait and her letter on her desk. I did manage that as well as pick up the wishlists for the classroom supplies.

Other than that I have no real clue about how second grade works myself. I did get a great feeling about kindergarten (again). It was interesting how I focused on different things for Jacqueline than Ashton and I realized that the curriculum has things that uniquely appeal to each.
I found myself really excited for Jacqueline about all the "discovery" elements and the very concrete approach to math. In the day where they are disproving the theory of "learning styles" I find myself even more convinced of the idea with my very scientific experiment of two girls. I am already observing their learning experiences will be different but that they will both find school something they enjoy and appreciate.

I am so lucky as are they!