Saturday, June 21, 2008

Off to Vegas

I'm on my way to Vegas and anticipating a hot trip (it's blazing hot here).  Of course then I was requested "can I put on a dress and look pretty like you mom", and thus we found ourselves all in dresses.  I decided to attempt to take a photo of the three of us to use for a profile picture.  Alas, that didn't work!  It's very hard to get a pose that is favorable for three girls, let me tell you!

Dad and the girls are flying solo for the next three days.  Now that Bob is "Mr. Mom" he has mastered all the finer points of holding down the fort with the kids.  Last night they met me at the movies (to see Kung Fu Panda) and even remembered jackets for both girls.  Talk about a pro!

Adding to the fun I'm now without a working cellphone.  Or to be more accurate it only works when plugged into the wall for some reason.   So I imagine it will be interesting going, hopefully I can tag along with someone who has a phone so I don't get lost.  I'm still holding out for my birthday 3g iPhone.  

Have to run to catch a flight now.  More on the flip side... I'm planning to do a post about all the cute photos that I get sent at work of Bob and the Girls on their adventures together.  Looks like everyone is having a great time and it always brings a smile to my day.  I'm sure when I get an iPhone there were be more of those photo messages for all concerned.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's day 2008

We have the technology. Now that Ashton is too big for her bike seat we have been struggling to figure out a family bike ride.

 Enter the "tag-a-long" father's day gift (in hot pink of course!).  Ashton is a natural on this bike and the gloves for both her and her sister were a big hit as well.

A trip to the park was, now required.  

Also a stop to Broadway Grill where we had to be bailed out by Jani due to insufficient funds/planning (I considered a dine-and-dash but figured the girls would be too slow getting on the bikes).

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grandma Visits

Grandma came to visit for a couple days.  Great help for Bob who was adjusting to his new "nanny" role.  The girls were very happy for some Grandma time and promptly put her to work reading books and playing games.

You can see Ashton has commandeered her sister's Fisher Price "ipod". She can be heard singing Hakuna Matata [loudly] on a regular basis now.

Both girls eating dinner after a long day of playing hard and a quick bath from mom.    Jacqueline didn't make it much after this photo, falling asleep on the chair before Grandma, Bob and I were able to finish dinner.

The weekend before Auntie Suzie had come to visit for the day.  Before she left, she got help from the girls wetting down some clippings to plant in her garden.  Turns out a water table is just the thing for such a job.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Graduation Day

So today was the big graduation ceremony from Pre School.  Above is a lovely photo of all the graduates and Jacqueline (the honorary graduate "mom can I graduate too?").  You will notice that Ashton is wearing the lovely dress that she wore on her 4th birthday and for several occasions since (talk about a great value) and Jacqueline is wearing the beautiful dress Ashton only got a chance to wear once that she got for her 3rd birthday from Jani.  Yes, I was very happy to see how nicely they matched.
Not only did Judy make gorgeous cakes for all of the graduates she also included a cool set of cakes for the siblings as well (one boy in a sea of girls).  Everyone was raving about the cakes the rest of the afternoon but we had to give cupcakes for the event itself to avoid a crisis with the rest of the kids.
Daffy Dave came to play at the graduation and all of the kids LOVED it.  Even Jacqueline managed to follow along with the songs and games.
The ceremony had the kids reciting poems and singing songs and then getting a diploma from Teacher Nancy one at a time.  It was really cute.  There were also hats but they couldn't be worn due to pretty intense winds at the time.  On net it was a great time for everyone.   Grandpa Bob was also there which was a big hit for the girls as we went to lunch afterwards.