Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bridging Ceremony - Junior Girl Scout

After school, the Brownie troup moved up to become Junior Girl Scouts.  Talk about a big group!  Ashton is the tall blonde on the right of the photo.

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First Day of School 2012

We started off the 2012 school year with a bang.  Jacqueline enters the second grade with Ms. Chan.  

Ashton begins 4th grade with Ms. Sullivan.  Both girls were thrilled to get their last year teachers promoted to the next grade with them.  This made all the first day excitment about others in the class as there were no new teachers to meet.

Jaq was thrilled to finally have Sofia in her class.

and Ashton is starting the year in the new building (with bigger chairs -- this is a bonus for parents who visit).

We ended the early pick up with a picnic at Ray Park.  Tash was there and everyone was happy about the sunny afternoon. Yay! School is back in.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

America's Cup

We went to the city to either bore the girls to tears or watch the America's cup, depends on who you ask.

As is typical for this area it was sunny and nice at home and freezing in the city.  The first spot we found to watch the race had mom a little too stressed out as there was an open pier the family decided to under the railing and sit on the pier itself.  Somehow the squirming of this girl made me uncomfortable.

Later we checked out the art scene.  The girls are sitting on one of the exibits called "seat".

There were some cool hands on activities for the kids.  This one has the kids raising the sails. 

All in all it was a fun, if a bit cold, day with a nice walk in the city.  Amazing to live in such a great place.