Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ode to our deck

I had intended to give an update on the deck we built in our yard but never did.  Decided that it is time for that update.  Those of you who read this have probably already seen/enjoyed the deck but just in case, it still seemed appropriate to give a formal shout out to Bob for having the idea to scope creep our outdoor furniture plans into a deck and to Dad for making those plans a reality.

Now we spend the majority of our weekends on this deck enjoying either the warmth of the sun or the cool of the evening (as in the case of our recent heatwave!).  When you live in NorCal you pay a premium for good weather, so having an outdoor room is a great way to maximize your limited space.  

Prior to having a deck we had sloped, cracked concrete so this deck is a huge upgrade.
Today Bob and Jacqueline used the deck area for a new activity -- napping.  We've become complete nap failures since Jaq's operation.  She seems to revive herself at the smallest event and on the weekends having us all home there is always something going on she doesn't want to miss.  

This afternoon, Ashton and I decided it was time to use my mother's day gift certificate and get pedicures.  Bob and Jacqueline dropped us off and walked home.  Turns out that the walk home was sufficiently boring to put her to sleep.  

Bob wisely grabbed the sunday paper and enjoyed some quiet time on the deck with Jacqueline getting a nap.  What can we say, the deck rocks!

Thanks again Dad.  We love it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jacqueline's first Swim lesson

Today was the first day back to swim lessons.  While Ashton was also attending lessons (and did an amazing job!) this was the first "real" lesson for Jacqueline.  Needless to say we were not sure how it was going to work out since there were 4 kids in the class with only one teacher.  

As you can see Jacqueline did great job!  She listened and followed directions really well and for the most part waited her turn without jumping into the water as was my initial concern.

As you can see of the four kids, Jacqueline was one of the two who managed to follow the instructions to kick from the stairs.

And here are both girls with their swimsuits ready to go.  Ashton's class was an hour after Jacqueline and we were all very impressed with how well she is doing.  There were 2 other girls in her class who seemed very well matched in age and ability.  

Anyway, now the only downside is the need to be to the lessons by 9:30am on a Saturday.   What a relief that Jacqueline has been doing well and so far seems to not be suffering any additional ear infection risk as a result (fingers crossed here!).

Friday, May 2, 2008

Princess Tea

The Gym did a "Mother daughter princess tea".  The initial plan was for Ashton, Jacqueline and Mom to attend.  When the time came Jacqueline was sick again (stomach flu this time). So Mommy and Aston got some time to go together.
Here is princess Ashton ready to go.  Mom was especially pleased with her hair.
Ashton met up with her friends Madeline and Sophie for the event.  A princess came and entertained the girls with a very cute story.
Ashton, Madeline and Sophie decided to do some dancing on the stage before we left.
Ashton convinced me she is growing up when she decided that she didn't need to stand in the long line for the photo with the princess right away, but chose to come back later when the line was almost done.  Here she is getting the last photo with the princess before we went home.