Sunday, October 14, 2007

The run-up to Halloween

Its getting close to Halloween and that means a frenzy of costumes, pumpkins, bounce houses and various other fun activities.

I know the suspense was killing you but we have chosen our costumes this year. For Ashton the theme is Barbie's Island Princess, for Jacqueline it's a cheerleader (go team!).

Of course we have to not only have a costume for Halloween but we also need to practice several times by watching the movie, doing the dancing, etc.

We are all very excited I can assure you. Today we took them to one of the very fake "pumpkin patches" which is really just an empty lot that has a bounce house, some bails of hay a large inflatable slide and a pile of pumpkins to "pick". Of course Jacqueline had to go on the slide as well. Which then meant that I had to go up with her and let me tell you -- I was feeling a bit high up after that climb (she on the other hand was thrilled and only smashed her face one time coming down).

On the home front we are mostly getting ready for our big Disney adventure next weekend. We are also hoping to recover from our various electronic plagues which this week include our washing machine having fried the electronics and our TV often deciding to die after 10 minutes of use (everyone knows you need 22 minutes of use to watch any kids show so this is a problem!)

We are also attempting to adjust to a nap schedule with a mobile 2 year old (no more crib). We've had some interesting stories with a few occasions of a nap on the floor, a few occasions with a request to actually sleep (I need to sleep) and one occasion of her getting "stuck" inside her cooking stove by taking off the top and climbing in.

The last one happened yesterday with the dialog going something like this -- [door closed and somehow not opening for her (turns out it wasn't the door she was messing with after all but I didn't realize that until later)].

Jaq: I need to get out
Meg: go to sleep -- its time to sleep
Jaq: Daddy -- I need to get out (tears)
Meg: You need to go to bed
Jaq: Mommy -- tears, I need to get out
Meg: Jaq go to bed now
Jaq:... tears
Jaq: ... tears.. Mommy I stuck
Meg: [finally going into the room].....ohmygod! How the heck did you get in there?!

All kinds of fun!