Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jacqueline joins Junior Gym

While Jacqueline tends to have very few demands in general (except to want everything her sister has) she did want to do a ballet class. We did a repeat of the class Ashton took at the gym but it was a bit of a bust to be frank. Mostly, there were not enough kids to give it structure so after six weeks we went looking for something new.

We found an indoor soccer class which sounded perfect. She had expressed interest and Ashton was certain she didn't have any -- what luck, something special just for Jacqueline. Independence here we come.

and then... of course.... it was canceled due to lack of enrollment. In a quick scramble to re-direct all the positive energy we had built up for soccer with her we landed on Junior gym and everyone involved is thrilled!
Jacqueline loves it and seems to have that right balance of fearlessness and willingness to try anything that is worked out well. I'm hopeful I get to go see a class before it ends but thankfully Judy sent back a photo and it does look like fun.

Monday, February 15, 2010

We need to move

Yes it's true. We are actually making good on the talk we have done for the last fourteen years about how "someday" we would add a second story. This addition project has taken on several iterations, designs and concepts and then the unthinkable happened.... we hired an architect and got serious.

So now we are moving into a rental for some 9-odd months while this all happens. We spent a challenging six-ish weeks looking for a rental, found one, had it fall apart, and then located the perfect place only about 6 blocks from our home.

I found some outstanding movers, who were not at all bothered about my instructions that some stuff should be stored at the house, some stuff should be moved and all the long term storage locations (basement, attic, garage) had to be emptied completely.

Although, there has been the usual strains of the logistics and hassles of moving after such a long time in a house there was only one actual emotional moment for me. That was when I found the baby room completely empty. Somehow I came face to face with the reality that when we move back there would no longer be anything that looked baby-ish allowed. Of course, that only lasted a short moment but it was good that I hadn't yet packed the kleenex.