Friday, August 24, 2007

All Princess all the time

My house is a house of princesses. I have no idea how long this "phase" lasts but I can tell that I'm smack dab in the middle of it. It goes way beyond princess movies and princess dress up clothes. Everything in our lives is brought into the context of a princess. So who do I have to thank for this? Is it Disney? Their excellent marketing department? The friends at school? While there is probably some culpability on all sides I have to say that I am even to blame. Let me explain:

You are in the store and have to get something, we'll say a toothbrush. You can either get some generic toothbrush and not be sure if its accepted or rejected OR you can go with the princess one. Sure it costs you a bit more but you figure how much is it worth to you to have no hassles about "I don't like my toothbrush" or worse "Jacqueline got the better toothbrush" or "I don't want to brush my teeth". Nope you decide very quickly that princess is the clear winner by any measurement.

Then you find yourself using princess as a description of good behavior. "would a princess eat like that? I think not." "would a princess take her sister's blanket and make her cry?" and so on.

After awhile you find yourself happily going to the disney store to buy lunchboxes and jammies and that is when you decide that, hey these girls look pretty cute -- just like a princess.

So of course then you plan the Disney trip to include the "princess lunch" and find yourself looking forward to it. What can I say? Its all princess all the time... now where did I put my tiara?

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Grams said...

I think you came by this from an early age. You always wanted to be a princess when you were little but I just didn't play it as well as you do with your girls. Way to go Mom,