Wednesday, August 1, 2007

School's out for summer

Ah yes its true, I've turned into a mom. I remember vividly thinking that the whole topic of a year round school year was just dumb, and now I'm finding myself thinking... hmm why does a school year have to ever end?

To be fair, having a school year that goes from Sept to July is pretty close to year round. I guess the real reason to end the school year is the end of year party and to get a chance to look at all the fun school by-products.

The most interesting of school artifacts this year was the journal. What a cute idea to have a 4 year old keep a journal. From this journal I got a whole new insight into how information travels from home to school to be chronicled by a teacher taking dictation. I learned such sage information that Ashton likes bugs (huh?!) and that Jacqueline likes cheese puffs (true).

I also had the sappy mom-happiness of reading "Jacqueline loves me" chronicled as well. All kinds of fun.

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