Sunday, July 8, 2007

I look so cute!

Was trying to decide which cute phrase to have as the title and this one seemed to top the list. Yup, humility is probably one of Jaq's best qualities but honestly she was right when she mentioned that she looked cute.

Other excellent phrases included

"I'll try it" -- this typically said for something her sister was going to do like go on a ride or jump in a pool.
"I closed the door" -- this one really meant that she Opened the door to the room and came out when she was supposed to be napping. To get the full effect of this phrase you have to imagine the biggest smile you could imagine on a baby -- and then make it bigger.
"one more time, watch do-do-Dora" -- this one really speaks for itself.

All in all a good trip. Vic and Lisa and Kathy and Jenny were very nice and accommodating for our many challenges along the way. First challenge was, of course, the big hot water heater fiasco. By Tuesday we had hooked up the old 20 gal water heater which worked enough for a single shower and/or bath and a load of dishes so we were really fine. Surprisingly Jaq never did attempt to crawl into the open hole in the counter where the missing cupboards belonged so really it wasn't too big of a setback.

Then on Wed. all hell decided to break loose. In fact it had started a bit earlier but I was just not catching the signs. Baby wasn't really eating or sleeping much as of Monday but I figured it could be teeth, altitude, whatever. By wed I decided to break out the tylenol and see if I could get a decent nap. Instead I just got a nice mess to clean up as the poor baby proceeded to get sick all over her bed (good thing the hot water was working so a bath was available).

For the next several days we were fighting a major fever and of course getting very little sleep as a result. Ashton was a trooper and was a big help as we attempted to keep on top of the fever and keep baby hydrated. Then on Friday night Ashton came down with it herself. One flight later, a rough night for all and a sunday trip (at home) to urgent care has found out that baby and Ashton got the beloved Hand, food and mouth virus By today Baby had also gotten an ear infection to keep it real. So one round of antibiotics and some extra tylenol for good measure and we should be back to normal by Tuesday.

Oh to add to the fun our washer has decided to not spin anymore and our Tivo seems to be on the fritz as well -- perfect timing. Good news is that our fridge managed to stay working during our vacation so we do have a fridge and the dvd player has come back to life after the rest. I do think our house might just need an electrical/appliance exorcism though. That I hope to delay working on until after I get baby to an ENT doctor and see about getting those tubes in her ears.

Anyway, enough vacations for us for awhile. We need to get back to work to get some rest!

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