Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Holiday Letter

Julianne with the girls
 As we take a moment to reflect on 2010 we can't help but feel extraordinarily blessed.

After 14 years of talking about adding on to our home, we are weeks (ok months) away from being complete.  We are fully aware that as the girls look back upon their lives, they will think of this time as a big adventure, one that helped put some color in their charmed lives.
Two letters for Santa this year

As you might have guessed, the fact that space is tight in the rental really doesn't register with the girls.  The biggest thing they are looking forward to with the move back is not getting their own rooms or having closets that are not bursting, but rather being back on the block with all their friends kids and Dan and Jani next door.

Of course, when we move back they also get the bonus of Joe and Shannon on the other side as well, (as I'm sure Joe and Shannon are looking forward to something other than a construction war-zone next door too).
Holiday lights at the rental
On the school and work front, things are mostly as expected.

Bob has been working with Zoomsystems for over a year now, sometimes as a contractor and sometimes as an employee (confusing for me too).   Lately, he has been helping to setup the European operations with somewhat regular trips to Germany and Italy (hmm... too bad vacation budget has been eaten up by house stuff).

Meg is still plugging away at ORCL and both the girls are now in grade school with Jacqueline starting Kindergarten and Ashton in second grade.

Everything else about our lives is still extremely fortunate, with a year of good health and reasonably care-free living.   Our rental house is a close 6 blocks from our construction project so there are weekly progress visits that are a delight for Bob and Meg and a bore for Ashton and Jacqueline. 

I guess the rest is pretty well detailed in the blog, so do take a look for more year in review.  We wish you all the best this holiday season (which I do realize is past...) and that 2011 is as exciting a year for you as we know it will be for us.

All the best,

Bob, Meg, Ashton and Jacqueline Bear

+ Julianne

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