Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our new [temporary] house

Here are a few photos of our new [temporary] digs. Although it's only a 2-1 (and yes the 1 part is a bit of a challenge for us) the rooms themselves are actually larger than our past ones. This is especially nice for the girls who were outgrowing their space in the baby room.

We didn't pick the wall color but we did add the decorative stickers to give it a personalized feel. Thanks to Grandpa Bob we also relocated their custom closet to this house so they still have their shelves but slightly larger hanging space.
While there is only one bathroom after a quick wallpaper removal/paint job it came together in a livable fashion. It's a huge bonus that this house has quite a bit of storage space. Turns out that's actually more critical than bedrooms for making a house livable.
Thanks to Auntie Suzie we had almost no challenges moving in space-wise. She helped determine what furniture should be packed for our return and what should come with us (and where it should go). This hybrid of our family room + living room + den + dining room worked out brilliantly.

We did break down and replace the god-awful light fixture in the dining room. Yes, over investing in a temporary space but I'm guessing it might help with finding a renter to replace us if/when we get done on time and want to break our one year lease early.

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