Thursday, December 11, 2008

Potty training holiday

We've been making progress on the potty training this holiday season, spurred on by the need to be able to attend ski school in January. Jacqueline is very happy to let everyone know that she and daddy are "big" and "strong". She is also very keen on doing things the same.
  • Daddy and Me are wearing gray socks
  • Mommy you are wearing boots, I can wear my boots
  • and so on
For the last week the Santa hats have been a big deal, we are each given our hat on entry to the house and ordered to put it on. She herself does not take hers off. I'm actually pretty happy about this as there is something (that she will keep on) that keeps her hair out of her eyes.
The wearing of the Santa hat wearing is very serious business these days so I couldn't resist snapping a few of the "fashion photos" as well. We have all the required elements: our princess slippers, our Santa hat and a smile!

Turns out she even sleeps with her Santa hat. This thing is going to need a serious washing before we put it up for the year.

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