Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sail Away

 And finally we are ready to get on the ship.  Girls are pretty excited.
 First up, hit the pools that were fun but crowded.  It was quite hot so it was a nice option for sure.
 Then we had a little dancing at the sail away party.
The next day was an "at sea" day where we ran into Minnie and got a photo (after a quick change out of the swimsuit)
 First night dinner was a formal occasion so the red dress got another wear.
 The girls had seen the option for braids and wanted them so we left dinner a bit early to get the last two appointments for braids.
 while it was painful, mom was happy to have these done as we had a busy schedule and not having to do hair each day would be a bonus.
 When we got to our cabin we found a nice towel bunny holding our chocolates.  The girls were quite impressed.

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