Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays in Burlingame.  This year was no exception

We had parties, parades and lots of fun trick-or-treating with somewhere between 400-500 kids coming for candy.

Even after the costume comes off the face has some reminder of the holiday

As a zombie prom queen Ashton seems to be right in the mix of the popular 4th grade themes.

Not to be outdone, Dan and Jani stole the show, I'm not sure what "The most interesting man" does with a whoopie cushion but I'm sure there is a good quote there for sure.

The girls insisted I get a new costume this year.

Familty costumes followed a theme this year with Dad a vampire, Mom a banchee, Asthon a Zombie prom queen and Jaq a devil.

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