Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girls get new rooms

Auntie Suzie and I worked to get the girls rooms together when they were out of town.

 Jacqueline's room was all about fairies.  We had a muralist do the gorgeous mural on her walls so putting her room together was mostly about unpacking and organization.
 My favorite part is the cherry blossoms which were outside her window when we moved in and now on her wall year round.
 Ashton's room was all about color and *not* being princess-themed.  We had her name painted on the wall when Jacqueline's room was done and then Auntie Suzie did all the rest of the bubbles.
 As you might have guessed the girls were very excited to get home and see what their new rooms were all about.  This was especially good as there was a lot of weeks ahead getting the rest of the house organized and livable.

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