Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of school 2010

We now have two Lincoln Lions! The girls could not be more excited to be back to school and Mom and Dad (and Judy) are all thrilled as well. I'm pretty sure Jani is the only one who loves the lack of structure in our circle ;-).

The big "get ready" item this year was the book bag. This year Ashton was insistent that she did not want a backpack but a more age-appropriate messenger bag. She found the perfect one at her new favorite store Justice

The day started by dropping off Ashton at 8:30am. She was thrilled to find friends in her class that she knew and everyone was looking ready and happy taking their obligatory photo for mom.

Next we went back home to get Jacqueline ready for her "late bird" drop off. She had to wear her fancy "cherry dress" and could not have been more excited. The teacher let the parents come into the classroom and get settled and she had spots on the floor marked out for each of the kids. Jacqueline put her bookbag away as requested and found her spot on the floor.

The rule is that each child is to stay in their own square which is harder than it sounds when you are wearing a cherry dress!

After an hour and a half it was time for early pickup. Jacqueline's teacher helped the kids find their parents. We are all thrilled as can be with her teacher. She is smart and sweet but very much in charge of the class. I have no idea how you do that, especially while having a very quiet and measured voice. I'm not going to suggest there is pharmaceutical help or anything, I'm just going to say I could never do that myself.
Next, we picked up Ashton and went to lunch to recap the day which all agreed was a great success.

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Marcie said...

Thanks for all the posts. I've been missing out on my cute Bear girl pics!