Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girls being cute

This is a post of a couple recent strike a pose moments. This is Jacqueline practicing for their statue pose.
Here is the statue pose -- John and Charlie's back yard just seemed to be missing something with that statue all by itself, the girls were there to lend a helping hand to that situation.
This is how I found Jacqueline after I stopped by the house to check on something. It seems the driver seat is more usable when you put a booster up front.
Here is a typical Saturday afternoon -- getting out of the swimsuit is a challenge. In fact, often Jacqueline wears swimwear around the house with or without any hope of swimming. Today she decided to add a pair of boots and to lay on mom's pillow while using dads iPod touch to play games. You will notice that the shoes are still often on the wrong feet. I figure if she doesn't complain who am I to switch them.

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