Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kinder Open House

Today was the first Open House I have attended as a parent. What a great time. The kids each published their own poems and read them into a microphone for all to hear. It was outstanding.

Jacqueline was on her best behavior too (this could not be said of all the siblings). She was quiet and clapped for each of the presenters on cue. I was very proud.

After the reading we went around the classroom and saw all the excellent projects, games and artwork that they have been doing. It was quite impressive. Then we saw the library and visited a few of the first grade classes to get a glimpse of next year.

I was also able to get a video of Ashton achieving one of her big goals this year -- getting across the monkey bars. I was so proud of her.

Great job Ashton! Your mom is very very proud of you.

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