Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love on Valentines

More Park City romance for the Bear's valentines day celebration. For Bob, this is the best place to celebrate any occasion.
Grandma and Papa Terry sent a new movie that Ashton was happy to watch (over and over again) on the tv in her room. At least this trip we were not complete sleep failures. Both girls slept in their own room which was a huge stride over the last trip.
Ashton and Daddy got mom a HUGE balloon to make sure we were all in the mood for the holiday. Both girls are getting to be such good skiers with this trip introducing Ashton to the all day [on the mountain] 6-YO program. They were total troopers given that we had a few significant snow days this trip.
Of course dad also sent flowers to moms work and got flowers for both girls before we left. It's good to be a Bear girl at Valentines that is for sure.

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