Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Today we finally got a chance to go to Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay.  I have had an intention to go there for years now but the travel time always makes it seem like a bad time.  
Today we were invited to a birthday party so that gave us a reason to follow through.  The place is all that and then some as far as pumpkin experiences.  There is hay, pumpkins, people in festive attire.
There was face painting and a nice picnic area for the birthday party.  All of that made it seem like it might have been worth the hour and a half in the car going 8 mph (tops) to get over the 92 into Half Moon Bay.  Of course the weather was perfect which probably added to the traffic.
Those who have been paying attention will remember that Jacqueline was going to be Tinkerbell for halloween.  When I mentioned that we already have a Tink outfit she got herself an Ariel costume.  Of course that one is too big on her so we were not too upset when she wanted to wear a random outfit in their dress up cache to be a "princess".  So this is Jacqueline's third outfit, I'm still not sure what will be used on the actual halloween day, I guess you'll find out then (although I must say that history shows me to be very poor at taking photos on the actual day of trick-or-treating.  Something always seems to come up when I should be snapping photos (like a dead battery).
And special thanks to Courtney for having such an excellent birthday.  We did the train (twice for Jacqueline), a short time in the bounce house and even the pony rides for Ashton.  The trip home took 20 minutes so we had time to take a bath and get all that face paint off before school tomorrow.  Excellent weekend.

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