Sunday, October 19, 2008

American Girl Adventure

Off to our American Girl Store adventure.  Each of the girls are armed with dolls and bags to carry them.  The California Bears also have American Girl dresses thanks to Grandma and Papa Terry.
Ashton was quick to notice that Melissa's doll was "Nellie" who was a major character in the Samantha books we have been reading (her mother seemed to have completely forgotten that fact... gasp!)

Bob was a huge sport going with all the girls to the store.  Of course he was captivated by all the pomp and circumstance.  You will notice the fact that the dolls had their own seats at the table.  Ashton was over the moon about the experience while Jacqueline was very interested in the workings of the doll seat.

In addition Jacqueline was (of course) enthusiastic about the hot chocolate and the fact that her doll got a cut and saucer as well.
Melissa was also color coordinated with her doll.  We all enjoyed the tea sandwiches and scones as well as the dessert.
Ashton took to wearing the hair bows right away, which luckily matched her outfit.
Next was on to exploring all the amazing things you can buy for your dolls (can you say marketing genius?!).  The girls were so excited they had to strike a pose for us near the books.  In the end Ashton got Licorice the cat, Jacqueline got Coconut the dog and new purses to carry their dolls in for next time, and yes they are already planning for next time I can assure you.


Marcie said...

How much fun is that to get to go to the American Girl store. And Jacqueline's doll looks just like her.

GretchenA said...

You were lucky to get out of there with only animals and purses. Well done!