Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Day in San Francisco


Took a visit down to the city to see our friends Terry and Alison (and Isabel and Alex).  While the most of the day was walking around we did have an excellent time catching up and seeing how much the kids have grown.  These cute hearts are the new art in Union square.  Ashton wanted to take a photo in front of one.

Alex and Isabel were amazing.  While I'm sure we bored them to tears, we were impressed with how much they have grown since we saw them last.
Good photo of Terry at brunch but Alison had something important she was doing with her hands.
Thanks to Isabel for saving the day and getting a better photo of Alison for the blog.  As you can see they both look great, I guess this is why it seems like no time at all has passed since we saw them last.  
 Of course some time *must* have passed since Jacqueline wasn't even born yet when we saw them last.  In fact I was pregnant with her that time.  Now she is no longer even a baby (she tells me this every day, I'm a big girl mom!).  She doesn't even nap these days, unless she is bored to tears on a long walk in the stroller.  Then she might be known to sleep occasionally, but only if she doesn't know it's happening.

We also managed to take a cable car back to the hotel.  I'm pretty sure this is the second time I've ever done it so that was nice, above and beyond the walking relief it gave Ashton who was clearly done with walking.

Hopefully it doesn't take quite so many years before we see Terry and Alison again.  It was nice.

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