Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jacqueline's first day of PreSchool

Jacqueline started at Morning Magic for July.  We decided that it would be nice for her to go with her sister in July so that when she starts back in Sept she is familiar with the routine.  Of course she has been very excited about this for a few months now and we have been counting the days until July. 

The first day had a lot of exciting events in the morning.  First she woke up and announced that she was a "big girl" and proceeded to go use the potty (successfully).  While this was not her first potty success they are pretty rare occasions so her day started with a skittle for breakfast.  After that, of course she ate a few things with some actual nutritional value.

Then both girls put on their "princess dresses" and tolerated a photo op for mom (who had to go to work).  Of course they quickly lost interest in looking at the camera.

After that they loaded up in the car and headed out to school.  

Dad got some nice photos in front of the school for mom who could not be there.  She had an excellent day, helped out in large part to her sister who was exceptionally nice to her.

They will both attend school for the first 3 weeks of July and then Ashton will go to Camp Galileo for 2 weeks.  Then a few weeks off in August and off to Kindergarten.  Busy times!

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