Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jacqueline's Operation

We are finally home from the operation ordeal and I thought I had better get a blog entry out there to update everyone. First and foremost the operation was a success. The doctor said that her tonsils were not only enlarged but chronically inflamed and that the operation "couldn't have gone better". Adenoids and ear tubes were also done just to keep it real.

They moved the operation to 7:30am (from 8:30) so it was an early morning.  Adding to that, for some reason even though we got the girls to bed late on thursday night Jacqueline was in our room at 5am friday morning ready to go. Add to this I decided to get sick on wednesday night so I was up since 3am with fever which made for a bit of a rough morning. The operation went according to plan and we were in recovery with her around 9am.

She was pretty sleepy most of the morning and we were hopeful things were progressing along well but then she got a bit behind on her pain medicine.  

Sadly, she then decided to get sick every time we attempted to give her any pain meds which left us with only tylenol for her. Needless to say it was a rough evening/night. Later in the evening she decided to progress with a bit of an infection so fever and runny nose/cough were added to her fun.
Since this was my only non-birth hospital stay I realized that the back pain I had associated with epidural really was just an uncomfortable hospital bed. We kept her on the IV throughout her stay which was good as she was refusing to drink on her own and getting more challenging as the day wore on.

This morning, we learned that the surgery center closes at 2pm so we were going to have to either move her to the hospital or take her home and find a way to get her to drink.  We decided we'd risk taking her home and got the doctor to agree to let us give her some motrin in addition to tylenol for her pain.  Well as I'm sure you guessed that worked like a charm.  We got home and gave her motrin which she took without much protest and suddenly she was on the road to recovery.  

A few tv shows and some chocolate pudding later she was ready to play some games with dad while mom took a nap.  Now she is laying down, in theory taking a nap but she has willing taken a bottle and even managed a smile.  So I'd say we are on our way.  I'm planning to start her on the antibiotics this evening to clear up the infection.  We are told to expect a bit of a rough week but now that she is drinking we are out of the woods for any serious worries.

Ashton is happily enjoying a sleep-over with her cousins so hopefully we'll all catch up on our rest before she comes home tomorrow and be ready to start another week.  I'm on day 3 of the antibiotics myself so I'm also hoping to be feeling better by tomorrow.  

Thanks to all for the well wishes, cards, flowers and cuddly bears.  I will write a different post about our Disney Princess on Ice adventure as I promised Ashton I'd include some photos and this post was getting too long.

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