Sunday, September 2, 2007

Congratulations Driscolls

A hot day, a wonderful wedding.

Appropriate envy on the part of the little sister who also had to wear a princess outfit. Special thanks to Justine for getting the Tinkerbell outfit for Ashton a few years back -- did just the trick!

A near meltdown on the part of the flower girl and a wonderful recovery on the part of Shannon, who turned tears into glee and even got a few rings of the bell along the way. Ashton was very grateful for the last minute [second] change of plans that gave her a friendly hand to hold down the aisle.

A cute photo op trying on the veil with Heather just to see how it would look.

And, of course, a photo of the cute couple was also in order. Both Mother and Father of the bride held up and looked great too.

As [my] dad would say... a good time was had by all. Couldn't have thought of a better summary myself!

Thanks for letting us share Heather and Aaron. It was a great anniversary party!

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