Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day weekend

A great weekend but a bit of a rocky start. On Sat. morning we got up to find out that our refrigerator had quit working and it was a nice 64 degres inside. (This was very helpful to know I must add -- excellent electronics on this machine!).

It was also especially nice that this happened AFTER we had just got new groceries including a new ice cream (of course the freezer went out too). We quickly called to schedule a repair vist for 4pm, unplugged it, added blocks of ice and left for our day.

The big event for the day was the Cast Iron Family picnic at Great America. The girls really enjoyed themselves and our "crazy baby" was actually pretty tame. She even let me hold her hand while walking in the crowds. Sadly we forgot her cute backpack/leash -- I was really looking forward to having people glare at me for child abuse with that one (and having the opportunity to suggest that they figure out what to do with a baby that wants to ditch you at every turn in a crowd). We actually wished we could have stayed a bit longer since Ashton was really enjoying the kids rides (and baby was sleeping in the stroller) but alas we had to go to meet our repairmen at 4.

Of course when the nice repairmen arrived they quickly plugged in the fridge and it worked perfectly. I really should have just set fire to $45.00 myself and saved everyone the hassle on that front. It is excellent to know that we have another opportunity to spoil newly purchased ice cream some time in our future -- maybe we'll get lucky this time and it'll happen when we are on vacation so that we can come home to a nice smelling experience as well.

Sunday we had a BBQ at the house with Suzie, the cousins and Grandpa Bob. It was a beautiful day so that made it especially nice, for a change we didn't put Grandpa Bob to work but instead just visited and chased the kids around the yard.

As you can see everyone had a nice relaxing afternoon. We also managed to buy some new ice cream as well so we are all ready for our next meltdown... stay tuned for that fun event.

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Unknown said...

I've always like the snarky come-back of "better on a leash than on a milk carton". :)